Menifee community members: 'Our county was overlooked after the March tornadoes'

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MENIFEE COUNTY, Ky. - (WKYT) - Just one year ago, a landscape of loss was all that was left in Menifee County.

“It was very tough. It was something that wasn’t supposed to happen here,” said Grant Sorrell, Vice Chairman of the Long Term Recovery Committee.

“Everything was just gone. It was just unreal and we definitely weren’t prepared for it,” said Timothy Williams, whose home was destroyed by the March 2nd tornado.

Folks in the county say their emotional and physical scars left from the storm have been overlooked since their county is right down the road from hard-hit Morgan County.

“This is my heart too and I hate to hear that people don’t even know that we got hit,” Sorrell said.

It wasn't long before Grant Sorrell was struck with an idea to help remind both locals and folks across the state that Menifee County suffered significant losses as well.

Out of devastation came a dedication-- a memorial to the three lives that were lost in Menifee County on that March day.

The memorial will be unveiled Saturday at 3:30 p.m.

It will eventually be moved in front of the courthouse in Frenchburg where it will stand next to other signs of significance.

“We know what we have come through and what we have had to go through over the past year and we have rebounded and stuck together,” Sorrell said.

Although the road to recovery is far from over, folks are confident their small town will prevail with the helping hands of one another.

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