Community mourns the loss of two children killed in crash

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Community members describe it as a profound loss. Flags fly a half staff at the Board of Education where a crisis team went into action; closing the Carrollton Head Start and putting grief counselors at all the schools in this closely-knit community.
The bus accident on Boone Road Monday afternoon that killed 3-year-olds Ryder Dietz and Carolyn Tuttle has touched everyone.

"It's one of the worst things we'll see on our job. as a parent, it's your worst nightmare," explained Trooper Brad Arterbure, with Kentucky State Police Post 5.

Police investigators hav been on the scene and looking at the bus. Only our cameras were rolling as the wreckage was escorted to the National Guard hanger. It's the same place the bus involved in the nation's deadliest drunk driving accident was housed more than two decades ago.

"It reminds us all of the crash in '88. Even after 25 years, it still brings up fresh memories," Trooper Arterbure said.

Investigators tell state department of education officials a wheel may have gone off the road and the driver over-corrected, causing the accident that killed two. Three other small children and a bus monitor also went to the hospital.

Police do not expect to file charges against the bus driver.
The bus monitor is in stable condition as are two of the three other children. The third child is still in critical condition, according to police.