Community offering help to get people out of the cold

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Serving up hot meals at Caddy's Grill and Soul Food, on Versailles Road, isn't anything new, but doing it for free is.

"We know that you cannot take, take, take without giving back," said Leland Hollis, co-owner of the restaurant.

Hollis and co-owner James Washington say recent news coverage of people suffering through the freezing temperatures inspired them to use what they have to help others, no matter their status.

"We don't want to see anybody else to go through this. We give them warm meals and drinks, and it's warm inside here, so they can come in here and toast up," explained Washington.

Ask those who are in need of the warm meal and they'll tell you it can go a long way.

"It warms the body," said Mark, a patron of the restaurant, "I think it's great I think it's a good thing."

However the restaurant can only stay open for so long and after the sun goes down, the risks go up.

"It can bring your core body temperature down just to where you freeze to death," said Mary Muth, a nurse and volunteer with the Hope Center.

Muth and fellow volunteer, Charles Lindsay, loaded up the "Hopemobile" to start making their rounds looking for anyone left out in the cold and encouraging them to seek warmth and shelter.

"It's doing something worthwhile," explained Lindsay.

"So far, we're not seeing a whole lot on the street, which I'm glad. We're still going to do another sweep," added Muth.

These volunteers know that those left outside don't have to go to the Hope Center, but they have to go somewhere.

"That's the main thing. Whatever means necessary," summarized Lindsay.

Whether it's a warm meal or a ride to warm room, the important thing is getting people out of these icy-cold conditions and that's why these people continue to serve. The owners of Caddy's say they will continue to serve up free, warm meals for as long as this cold snap lasts. They invite anyone to come in and join them.

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