Community raises thousands of dollars to help injured teen

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LEXINGTON, Ky. - (WKYT) - An accident while on spring break left him with serious injuries, but the community is rallying behind a Lexington high school baseball player and his family.

18-year-old Travis Gaines, a senior at Dunbar High School, was injured earlier this week while diving into the surf at a Florida beach.

Family members say the accident paralyzed him from the waist down.

With his family now facing expensive medical bills, many people in Lexington are now stepping up to help.

Family and friends say the outpouring of support for Travis Gaines is overwhelming and far-reaching, stretching from his hospital room in Florida to his home state of Kentucky.

Keven Moore is a close family friend of the Gaines' family and, on Tuesday, he learned about Travis' tragic accident from his own son.

“My son called and he was very upset. He witnessed the accident,” Keven Moore told us.

To help raise money and show support, Moore decided to create a Facebook page titled, "Let's Rally Around Travis Gaines."

“We got the web page together and created an account down at the bank and it took off. The baseball community in Lexington is huge and with social media, that's the quickest way to get the message out to raise money to help anybody.”

The page quickly gained popularity and received more than 4000 “likes” in the first two days it was up.

“I’m sure there were many nights where Travis’ father was out serving our community away from his family, late at night in harm’s way as one of Lexington’s finest, it’s now time for our community to give back to him in his time of need,” Moore said.

The page also prompted several Lexington businesses to pitch in by donating money to the Gaines' family.

“It's the right thing to do, I don’t know them personally but we are all family, I’m a mother and I just hope people would do the same for me,” said Michelle Harris, the owner of Carmasters in Lexington. Her company donated money to Travis’ fund.

Travis' father, Keith, says he and his family are still holding out hope during this difficult time.

"It's obviously been hard. It's something somebody obviously never wants to think about dealing with, always thinking about it being the other person," Keith Gaines told us.

An entire city is now rallying together for one reason--- to show their unwavering support for the quick recovery of an 18-year-old boy with his whole life ahead of him.

Donations to the family are being accepting "For the Benefit of Travis Gaines" at every Fifth Third Bank location.

If making out a check make it payable to "For the Benefit of Travis Gaines."

You can donate now online at and search for "Rally Around Travis Gaines" to findhis account, then select donation amount and payment method.

As of Thursday night, more than $5000 worth of donations had been raised.

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