Community shopping for a cause

DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - In the past, people have come into the ABC Gold, Games, & More shop to find bargain prices. Over the past couple of days, though, people have been offering to pay a little more.

Steve Divine owns the building. Michael and Angela Hockensmith had been running the shop before they were murdered along with gold buyer Daniel Smith. Monday, Divine opened the doors up for the first time since the murders and customers poured in. Divine says most of the money from those sales will go to the Hockensmith's children. Divine says the support he's seen from Danville, and beyond, is staggering.

"It just touches your heart just to know there are people out there who care," Divine said.

Some of the people coming in are interested in more than the low prices.

"They're saying how sorry they were and giving their condolences," he said.

Tuesday, several people came in to buy things, but paid more than twice the price of the items in hopes of helping the kids out.

"I honestly wasn't going to buy anything. I just seen some drill bits I needed. I was just going to make a small contribution in any way that I could, just to let the family know they we support them," said Tim Lane.

Divine says the store will be open through Friday.

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