Community stepping in to help 50 people displaced by fire

NICOLASVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) About 50 people are without homes in Nicolasville after a fire ripped through their apartment complex Thursday.

"It's like a nightmare, it's helpless, I've never felt more helpless in my life. I watched the only home I ever had burn and there was nothing we could do about it," said Kiernin Easley, a teenager displaced by the fire.

It didn't take long for the bitter cold to add insult to injury.

Fire officials say four of the burned apartments on North Central Avenue are locked in a case of ice. They say the belongings in the apartment and even some of their gear is still frozen inside.

While ice took over the buildings, the Easley family waited for seven hours for their missing cats Little Bit and Nil to be rescued.

Their cats were eventually found and are once more a part of the family.

"Just the look on their faces, they were so scared my cat just clung to me it broke my heart," said Nehemiah Easley.

Apartment management is putting the displaced families in a hotel until Sunday, beyond that the Easleys don't know what's next.

Nehemiah Easley said, "We're kind of hanging in the balance right now, we're worried about it."

So is Ron Bishoff with Revitalize Our Communities in Kentucky, or R.O.C.K.

To help the fire victims through this difficult time he's asking the community for donations.

So far about 200 people have dropped off clothes but they need even more.

"We're looking for blankets, furniture, anything that you can imagine if your house burned down," he said.

Thanks to the assistance from the community the Easleys are wearing coats and scarves, but they say more importantly it has showed them they're worth saving.

"We would be dead if it wasn't for the Red Cross, they saved our lives, we wouldn't have anywhere to go.”

Bishoff says they especially need donations of household items and food. He says they’ve set up every bank in Nicolasville to take donations for the fire victims.

Donations can be dropped off at 317 North Main Street in Nicolasville at the Habitat For Humanity ReStore marked R.O.C.K.

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