Company hopes to eliminate a community eyesore

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"It was a big eye sore," says Vicky Carter, who has lived in the Woodhill neighborhood of Lexington for more than four decades.

Nobody wants to live near a community eyesore but for years now, Carter hasn't had a choice. She's witnessed the vacant Pennington Place Apartments fall apart.

"You had fires in there, you had homeless people, teenagers, " says Carter.

But, all of that is expected to change. Signs of progress are popping up on the property with construction crews demolishing the run-down down buildings.

The Barrington Group out of Florida bought the property for $2 million dollars in January.

The President of the group says that the new apartments will be called, 300 at the Circle. There will be 300 units. The complex is designed to feel more like a home atmosphere rather than apartments.

Carter says seeing the construction trucks pass by her home is a welcome sign, "Finally, yes. I'm glad they're finally doing something with it."

People that live nearby hope that once this property is taken care of and new neighbors move in, it will help turn the reputation around here.

"In the long run, it should pay off pretty good. As long as they put it back. If they're going to put apartments back in there then they're going to be doing the landscaping so that would be good for it," Carter says.

The President of the Barrington Group expects construction to be completed and for tenants to move in by late summer.

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