Company seeks enforcement of supplement settlement

CINCINNATI (AP) - A Kentucky-based company that specializes in dietary supplements is asking a federal appeals court to enforce a settlement over advertisements used by a competitor.

The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati on Tuesday will consider arguments from Lexington-based Cogent Solutions Group and Hyalogic over ads concerning the dietary supplement Baxyl.

Cogent Solutions claims Missouri-based Hyalogic continues to make false claims about Baxyl in ads, even though the two companies settled a 2011 lawsuit barring the dissemination of misleading commentary about the product.

Central to the dispute is a YouTube video promoting a Hyalogic product and referencing Baxyl. Hyalogic says a foreign company posted the video its own.

Baxyl is the brand name for a dietary supplement advertised for use in joint function.

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