Scott Co. diner says highway project serves up confused drivers

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - In the long run, it's designed to help drivers. Instead some business owners say a project to widen U.S. 25 at the Fayette-Scott county line is bad for business.

Sam’s Restaurant -- a 60-year-old diner -- claims construction is costing them in more ways than one.

Normally the parking lot at Sam’s would be packed. But due to construction for the last several weeks, business owners say customers are having a hard time getting there.

"We've lost $33,000 in revenue," explains Nancy Puckett McIntosh, Manager of Sam’s Restaurant. "Entrance ways have been moved several times, probably around seven times. Our customers have had a hard time getting in and out."

Sam's restaurant is situated right in the middle of the construction project and owners say the entrance to their restaurant is moved frequently, sometimes twice a day.

"They're putting their self in danger coming in here. Wrecking just to come into eat here," says McIntosh.

Pictures captured by staff members are a prime example of why owners are so frustrated. McIntosh says cooks from the restaurant were enlisted to help one driver who slid off the road at the entrance.

The entry way does have some signage but McIntosh says the hidden entrance is not enough.

"Well they could at least make an entrance closer and at least put some signs," adds McIntosh. "It says 'hidden entrance' and believe me, it's hidden."

McIntosh says time is running out to find a viable solution.

"If we cannot get any assistance with this I don't know how long we can hold on. We're stretching as thin as we can stretch."

WKYT spoke to the Department of Transportation which says the permanent entrance to the area has only been changed twice since the project started. They add it will not be changed again before the project is finished next year.

The department says they are considering a possible lit, mobile message board at the scene, but add a final solution has yet to be decided.