Construction blast sends rocks through roofs

The rain's washed most of it away, but you can still see some rocks and mud along Chamberlain Drive in Georgetown. The worst of the damage though, is inside the homes.

"I heard a boom and then a larger boom," said Patti Merriman. For her, the boom left behind some damage. Construction crews behind her neighborhood were blasting rocks, and this time, the debris hit her home, went right through her roof.

"Before when I heard the booms they hadn't been that bad, but I came in here and I looked and I went 'Oh my God.' I was just in that bed and there's a rock out there by the pillow."

JR and Michelle Jarrett's home also got hit. A rock came through their roof, and hit the family's Christmas tree. Firefighters say no construction worker or neighbor was injured. The Jarretts say construction crew leaders visited their home, and told them a cleaning crew would come Tuesday morning to clean up the damage.

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