Consumer Alert: Check out online job offers before accepting

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Online job offers can be seductive, but some of those jobs might bring you down a path you want to avoid.

"Good money, you can make at home," says victim Ella Butler.

That was what online ad promised. Ella Butler decided to respond, applying for the job in the re-shipping business.

"They needed someone to send packages. So, I sent my information in," Butler says.

After sending a copy of her driver's license, Butler signed a contract to re-ship items via express mail.

"Receive packages at my home and then send them wherever they tell me to send them," says Butler. "It was easy money, $16 a package."

Butler was sent ski equipment, watches and even an electric guitar to ship out. Then, she started to become suspicious.

"I noticed that all of the packages I was sending went to Russia," Butler says. "All these different names coming to my address and I called the postal service."

Postal inspectors began tracing the packages Butler was receiving.

"Basically it is a fraudulent credit card purchase that is shipped to an individual in the U.S. who unwittingly participating in the scheme from a work at home job," says Postal Inspector Frank Schissler.

"I felt like, well Ella, you have gotten caught up in something," Butler says.

The lesson here: check out the company before taking a job advertised online. You can check out the company with the Better Business Bureau or the state attorney general.

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