Consumer Alert: Grandparents targeted in phone scam

It's called the "Grandparents Scam." A con man calls, claiming to be your grandchild in need of money for an emergency. In this case, the good guys won.

"I got a phone call from someone who said he was my grandson, sounded exactly like him and said he was in Mexico and had some trouble and needed some money," said Eleanor Reimer, Fraud Victim.

So, Eleanor went to the post office with $58-hundred dollars in cash. She prepared an express mail envelope and the postal worker at the counter gave her advice.

"He looked at me, you make sure you call before you send this," said Reimer.

Eleanor tried to call her family but didn't get an answer. Because time, she was told, was of the essence, she sent the package.

"The victim was very sweet and worried about her grandson's well-being and making sure he got home safely," said Michelle Brooks, US Postal Inspector.

Turns out - it was all a scam. Hours later, Eleanor learned her grandson was not in trouble.

"I felt like I was a real idiot when I found out."

Then, she went to the police. US Postal Inspectors used her tracking number and were able to intercept the package before delivery.

"We were glad to help her get the money back," said Brooks.

Eleanor's good fortune comes with a warning.

"Before you send any cash to anyone make sure you verify the story, said Brooks. "Assume it is a scam until you know better."

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