Controversial Facebook video of Pike Co. teacher goes viral

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PIKE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Thousands of people have been talking about a Facebook video allegedly showing a Pike County teacher who has some tough words for her students.

Many parents say she took things too far and claim her actions were inappropriate.

In the video, it's not what you see but what you hear that's causing a firestorm on Facebook.

“All you do is waste space. You’re just taking up space. You're breathing air somebody else could benefit from. You need to stay home and be home schooled,” the teacher said.

We’re told the woman talking in the video is a Belfry Middle School teacher who is seemingly upset with her students over their grades.

“People got big old F's in my room. They're lucky if they have a three percent, three percent! Don’t do diddly squat!”

But one of the student's parents felt that the teacher took things too far.

“I would like to see a safe environment for our kids, no child should fear their teacher,” which is what prompted Ariana Hackney to post the video on Facebook.

“I was frustrated and angry because no child should be called a waste of space or waste of oxygen,” Hackney told us.

In just a few days time, the video went viral and obtained nearly 6,000 shares on Facebook.

Now, the video is also grabbing the attention of school district officials as well.

“This is certainly out of character for that teacher. She is a young teacher and she’s relatively new to teaching the education profession and we will work with the situation to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” said David Lester, the Pike County Superintendent.

The superintendent met with the teacher and principal but he would not comment on whether any action was taken against the teacher.

You can watch the entire video from the classroom that's caused this controversy on our website.

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