Convicted felon running for mayor...again

MT. VERNON, Ky. (WKYT) - Clarice Kirby hasn't said much to the media since her felony conviction and resignation as mayor of Mt. Vernon in 2010. The former mayor's career was covered in controversy for much of her time as mayor. Multiple charges against her in 2010 were whittled down to one felony charge of abuse of public trust involving less than $10,000. She spent time in jail, home incarceration and then probation.

The conviction disqualified Kirby from ever holding an elected office again. So, she says she was just as surprised as anyone to receive the restoration of her rights to hold office, signed by Governor Steve Beshear.

"There's a lot of unfinished business and that's why people want me back," Kirby said. She's decided to throw her hat back in the ring and run again.

Current Mayor Mike Bryant is running as the incumbent, and so far, the two are the only ones in the race for Mt. Vernon mayor.
"I will do everything to defend the character and integrity of this town," Bryant said, speaking about the dark period Mt. Vernon went through while Kirby was in office.

The election for Mt. Vernon's mayoral race isn't until November, but the talk in Mt. Vernon over the race is well underway.

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