Cooler temperatures cool down allergy season

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The months of April and May are usually the worst months for allergies. So far this month has been unusual, in terms of cooler temperatures.

According to Dr. Fadi Bacha with the Urgent Treatment Clinic,
the cooler than normal temperatures have lowered the pollen count
in the air. Dr. Bacha says the good news is the normal sneezing and coughing has subsided. On the other hand, that will all go away soon as the recent rains will make flowers and grass grow quicker.
When that happens the pollen count will go back to normal Kentucky

" I do believe in prevention in early treatment so people know that they have allergies they may need to start to take their medication early.
I tell people at least a week before the season, well the season didn't really kick in, so maybe right now is a good time to start taking their allergy medication" says Dr. Bacha.

Now Dr. Bacha's office is dealing with a rise in cold viruses and upper respitory infections. Those two ailments, he says, come from the unusual cooler temperatures.