Copper thieves target fountain in Lexington park

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - At Thoroughbred Park, you can see copper sticking up out of the base of stolen fountainheads.

The City of Lexington's Parks and Recreation Director, Brad Chambers, says sometime over the weekend more than 20 fountainheads were stolen and one of the drains was damaged.

"I was sad to hear about it, especially at a park as prominent as Thoroughbred," said Chambers. "So many people love to see it in operation and the week before the Fourth of July, it's bad on a number of levels."

Damage could result in close to $10,000.

Who picks up the tab? The taxpayer, according to Chambers.

His solution- more oversight from people on the ground.

"Just as neighborhoods have neighborhood watch, we would like everybody to be on park watch," he said. "If you're driving by a park and you see something that doesn't look right, call police."

It's expected to take a couple of days for the water to be drained in the fountain so work can be done on repairs.

Chambers says there was no surveillance video there at the park at the time.

But, he says this could result in a future discussion of a need for video cameras at city parks.

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