Corbin police arrest dad after 4-year-old strays from home twice this week

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CORBIN, Ky. (WKYT) - West First street runs up a steep hill in Corbin and on Thursday evening it's fairly empty. But around 11 that morning, there was a set of sock-feet wandering the road alone.

"There are so many different things that could happen," started Lt. Glenn Taylor, expressing concern about the shoeless 4-year-old boy who police say walked out of his home while his dad was asleep inside.

"The gentlemen is a single parent, and he does work third shift," continued Lt. Taylor, before adding that's still no excuse for the potentially dangerous scenario.

"Being a father, no. There's no excuse for that. You have to take care of your children, especially at that age."

Police arrested 28-year-old Woodrow Beard for wanton endangerment of a child. It was just a short time later they learned this wasn't the first time his son has strayed away this week.

"Today when the police came, I thought really! I thought it was about yesterday, I didn't know the baby got out again today," reacted Bethany Goodin, who said the police were not called the first time.

Still just the thought of seeing the little boy outside her home, unattended, continues to break her heart.

"No jacket, hungry, we had to feed him. His shoes were on the wrong feet," she recalled.

The mother of two said she was seemingly more scared than the child was at the time.

"I thought, thank God he came here because you never know what you're child's going to walk into."

Goodin gave the boy a jacket that no longer fit her son, and sent him back home with her friend, Diana Carroll.

"The door was unlocked and nobody answered," described Carroll, who entered the home to find the dad asleep. After waking him, she left the child there but said the little boy started crying and wanted to stay with Carroll.

"I felt like I should've done something. Then for it to happen again today, it was very shocking," Carroll said.

On Thursday, when the child was found outside again, a call was made and social services placed the boy with his mother. We couldn't reach Beard for his side of the story.

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