Corbin police say some drivers ignoring school bus traffic laws

CORBIN, Ky. (WKYT) - Time and time again, Josh VanNorstran says he’s seen drivers pass school buses.

“They totally bypass the stop arms and the stop signs,” said the Corbin City School Transportation Director.

He says they may be unaware they are breaking the law.

“They’ll go by on the left side or the right side of the bus,” he said.

Monday morning, he says one driver saw another driver take in a near miss.

“And she radioed to him saying, ‘hey, did you see that guy run your arm?” he said.

Police are stepping up patrols and school officials hope awareness prevents something worse from happening because children often won’t watch out for themselves.

“What people fail to realize is that when a child gets off a bus and a paper flies out of their hands, their reaction is to go get it,” he said.

Police say you can find yourself in a lot of trouble and a hefty fine if you run that little stop sign. Police say that by the time you pay your ticket and your court cost, you could very well be out about $200.

Police say some drivers have even passed buses in turn lanes.

Officials think in some cases people just aren’t paying attention.

“They’re always in a hurry. They are using a cell phone device and they are preoccupied,” VanNorstan said.

Several citations have already been written and they say will continue monitoring problem areas until the problem stops.

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