Corbin woman accused of stealing from hospitalized roommate

CORBIN, Ky. (WKYT) - A Corbin woman is accused of stealing from her roommate, who is in the hospital.

Tiffany Elliot,22, has been in the Whitley county jail since Monday. Police say her roommate, Chrystal Wright, was taken to the hospital last week. She is now in critical condition at Saint Joseph London.

Corbin Police say, after Wright's hospitalization, Elliot used Wright's debit card and spent more than $1,700.

"They found her wallet in my purse, you know, we were together, so obviously I had a lot other stuff," Elliot told us from jail.

Elliot says she and Wright have been in a relationship for eight months. She admits she took the money, but says she has permission.

"She gave me her pin number and everything, there was nothing illegal about it," says Elliot.

The Laurel County Sheriff's Department is looking into the events that sent Wright to the hospital. Police say she had a head injury when she was admitted. Elliot says it was a diabetic emergency.

"As far as a head injury or anything, I ever noticed," Elliot says.

Both police and Elliot say they hope Wright recovers soon so she can give her version of events.

"When she comes to they should all be dropped, because they're not true."

Police charged Elliot with possession of stolen mail, theft by deception and theft of a credit card.

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