Coroner IDs one victim in Bourbon County electrocution case

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BOURBON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The cherry picker still sits by the side of the house and serves as a solemn reminder of the two men who lost their lives today.

"They spun that man-lift around and came into contact with the high-tension wires. Both were electrocuted and deceased at the scene," described Sheriff Mark Matthews.

The Bourbon County Coroner's Office identified one of the victims as 51-year-old William Derek Gilpin. The other man's identity is still being withheld until officials can notify his family.

Gilpin owns Masonry Medic, a construction company that works on bricks, chimneys, and other freelance work.

Investigators believe Gilpin and the other victim were electrocuted instantly, but they weren't found for hours until someone reported a power outage. Sheriff Matthews said utility workers found the men while tracing the source of the outage.

"They responded to the scene and they were the actual ones that found these folks. It's a tragedy."

Investigators say the owner of the home lives out of state and these two men were hired to do some remodeling. For some this tragedy leaves them looking for answers.

"Just the realization that he is gone," said Gilpin's sister, who did not want to be identified, but says she's finding peace in her faith in this desperate time.

"We will get through it because God surrounds you with his arms and everything is okay."

Still she'll remember her brother for the man that loved to laugh, loved his four daughters and three grandchildren, and who loved the craft he learned from his father.

"He's just a hard worker and everybody loved him. I know everybody says that when someone passes, but everybody truly loved Derek."

So as they loaded up his tools and left the house in their rear-view mirror, Gilpin's sister knows that her brother is home.

An autopsy is scheduled for Thursday morning in Frankfort.

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