Name of BP shooting suspect released

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say the chain of events started at a gas station where a woman was shot multiple times. They came to an end about fifteen miles away when police say a Scott County Sheriffs deputy shot and killed the man responsible.

Lexington Police were called to the BP gas station off of the 104 exit of Interstate 75 just before 8:30AM. Witnesses say a man, now identified as 31-year-old Ronald Michael Davis, and woman got into an argument inside the store and that argument turned violent.

"He was basically dragging her from the station out to the parking lot," said Assistant Chief Robert Stack with Lexington Police.

Witnesses say once Davis had her in the parking lot he ripped her shirt off and then shot her several times. They say he also pointed that gun at other customers before getting in his car and driving away.

The woman who was shot was taken to University of Kentucky Hospital where police say she is still in critical condition.

After getting a description from those witnesses police began looking for a silver Toyota with Illinois plates.

A Lexington police officer spotted the car around the 117 mile marker of I-75 and began a pursuit. Georgetown Police and Scott County deputies joined in as the car crossed the county line. They used stop sticks to blow the passenger side tires of the car.

Police say Davis continued for several miles before losing control near the 129 exit. They say he stepped out of the vehicle and pointed a handgun at police.

"He was asked repeatedly to drop his firearm and did not," said Scott County Sheriff Tony Hampton.

That's when police say a Scott County deputy opened fire, killing Davis.

"We know this day he acted very reckless, very dangerous, where he injured someone in Lexington. The pursuit came into Scott County where police had to engage him and it led to his death," said Kentucky State Police Trooper Ron Turley.

Kentucky State Police are investigating the shooting.

The deputy who fired those shots has been put on administrative leave while the shooting is investigated. Sheriff Hampton says that's standard procedure anytime a deputy is involved in a shooting.

I-75 was closed for more than five hours while the shooting was investigated but reopened around 2PM.

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