Costly Winter for Lincoln County

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The extended winter was one of the most expensive ever for Lincoln County. Judge-Executive Jim Adams tells WKYT the total cost of the season is more than $125,000. If you include road and equipment damage, overtime pay, salt costs, and an increase in dead animal removal costs.

County officials reached out to the state for help. The county was awarded $20,000 in emergency aid. The funds will go towards the removal and disposal of debris on county roads from winter storm damage.

Lincoln County is one of 117 counties that participate in the Transportation Cabinet's Department of Rural and Municipal Aid. The program includes a County Road Aid Emergency Fund. Counties can apply for help through the fund for unforeseen road emergencies.

Money for the fund comes from the motor fuel tax that drivers pay. Nearly half of the tax revenue is returned to the county. Counties that participate in the program, voluntarily send 3 percent of their tax revenue to the emergency fund.

We're told Lincoln County is the only county to have applied for emergency funds for winter storm damage.

Adams says the county's salt budget doubled to $10,000. They suffered more than $10,000 in equipment damage. He tells WKYT that overtime costs were more than $10,000.

Winter storm damage totaled more than $100,000 to bridges and roads. Adams says the emergency aid will go a long way to defer that burden.

"As repairs go, we can do a lot of the repairs ourselves. With our equipment and our employees," he said. "However, with material cost and outside contractors, it's a significant help."

Adams says no future project will be impacted by the winter. The county will absorb its cost.

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