Countdown to alcohol sales vote

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For twelve years, people in Georgetown have been able to grab a drink at restaurants, but they have to drive out of the county if they want to buy packaged alcohol. A vote tomorrow could could change that.

"It's 2012. I think it's time to be able to pick up a six-pack or a bottle of wine with your groceries when you go grocery shopping," said Christine Hawkins, a supporter of packaged alcohol sales. She says the city loses potential money to Fayette County, where West Liquors sells packaged alcohol just two-tenths of a mile from the county line.

"I think we spend a lot of our tax dollars and a lot of our revenue we take to the county line. I think it's just time to spend our money here in Scott County," said Hawkins.

But others say the potential revenue doesn't outweigh risks to Georgetown's young people.

"When you have legalized alcohol sales in grocery stores, in convenience stores, it becomes easier for minors to obtain alcohol. It becomes easier for unintended consequences of alcohol to occur," said Dr. Horace Hambrick, a Georgetown pediatrician.

Georgetown mayor Everett Varney pointed to Danville as an example of a city that successfully went wet. City leaders there say they've gotten millions of dollars in tax revenue from alcohol sales. Danville Police say DUI arrests went down the year the city went wet, although alcohol intoxication arrests went up.

If the measure passes, Georgetown will officially go wet in sixty days.

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