Couple accused of using home showings to steal

A Kentucky couple is behind bars, after police say they used home showings to steal. Now police in New Delhi Township are asking realtors who may recognize the duo to give them a call.

The thefts were uncovered in November, after several homeowners discovered jewelry missing from their homes after they were shown by a realtor to prospective buyers. Police say the couple gave the realtors fake names and used various excuses to separate themselves from the realtor.

"Some of the realtors we talked to said it was anywhere from wanting to see what the basement looked like, having to use the restroom, to not reeling well. There was a lot of different excuses they made to be able to separate themselves," explains Joe Macaluso, with Dehli Township police.

Police were eventually able to identify the couple as 33-year-old Joshua Petroze and 28-year-old Kristen Manning. They say the couple even brought their young children along for the crimes.

Police believe the couple is responsible for thefts in Blue Ash, Montgomery, Hyde Park, Miami Twp., Fairfield, Twp, Anderson Twp., Loveland, Ft. Wright, Ft. Mitchell and Edgewood.

It's believed Petroze and Manning also stole from homes in the Lexington area on December 19th. A day later police took the couple into custody in Villa Hills, thanks to a suspicious realtor who jotted down their license plate and tipped off police. The couple was taken to the Kenton County Jail.

Before they were arrested, the pair was able to steal over $50,000 worth of goods, according to police. Most of the jewelry has now been either pawned or melted down.

Police are asking realtors and homeowners in the tri-state area, who may recognize the couple to contact authorities. They do believe more victims are out there.

Police advise homeowners who are trying to sell their house, never to leave any valuables at home when their house is being shown.

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