Couple adopts three; doubles their family size

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A Lexington family has even more reason to celebrate this Christmas. The couple, unable to have children of their own, ended up adopting a son several years ago.

Monday, they doubled their family's size. Kelly and Jason Crume legally adopted three young siblings who they say were abandoned by their birth mother.

After adopting their first child, Kelly Crume and her husband wanted to adopt another.

"Taking in three was never our intent. Our initial intent was to take one or two," she recalls.

Their social worker had three siblings in mind. Crume says they were children whose mother lost custody because of neglect, and no other biological family members could take them in.

"It was very overwhelming in the beginning," says Crume, "my husband and I just really felt that these three children were called to our family. And that they were meant to be our children."

Monday, the Crumes legally adopted the children. This will be the siblings first Christmas as Crumes.

"They were excited about getting new names and just feeling like finally something is permanent in my life. These people are not gonna give up on me. They're gonna be with me forever. And nothing I do can change that. And so that's really powerful."

Crume found support with the adoption process through a group she now helps lead, the Adoptive Families Support Group at Southland Christian Church.