Couple arrested on child endangerment charges

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Kentucky State Police arrested Martha and Hobart McKinney after they say an anonymous tip led them to do a welfare check on the two children in the home.

"A very sad situation that the child has to be in that kind of environment," said Trooper Don Trosper of the Kentucky State Police.

Inside the house, police say they found marijuana, prescription medications left out, spoons with burn marks, and many syringes, some of which appeared to be ready to use.

"He related there was at least a hundred or more," said Trosper.

Police say those conditions make things especially dangerous for the children.

"The thirteen-year-old is a medical needs child. There's not supposed to be any smoking going on in the home, yet the trooper could smell the odor of burnt marijuana," said Trosper.

Police said there's no reason for children to live around conditions like that.

"That lets you know that they are not very concerned about the welfare of the child," said Trosper.

A third person in the home, Crystal York, was also arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a minor.