One arrest made in connection to Richmond Walmart thefts

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - A woman has been arrested and Richmond Police are still looking for a man in connection with two shoplifting incidents that totaled nearly $2000.

"Once you all put it on the news, we got several tips as to their identity and possible locations where we might find them," says Assistant Chief of Richmond Police, Bob Mott.

On at least two occasions, Richmond Police say that 45-year-old Rebecca Jones and her 23-year-old son, Bryan Jones left Walmart with two kids and two carts full of groceries. They say the bill would have been about $2,000, but the pair didn't pay a dime.

"We were able to locate them about 2 a.m. We made a traffic stop on the vehicle. The male subject fled and we were able to apprehend the female subject," adds Mott.

Rebecca Jones denied WKYT's request for an interview from the Madison County Detention Center. Richmond Police are searching for her son, Bryan Jones.

The other son of Rebecca Jones, Steven Jones says that there is no excuse for his mother and brother's behavior.

"I have no clue. There is no reason to be hurting for money because we're not hurting for money. There's no excuse," says Steven Jones.

Steven says he lives with both his mother and brother and is ashamed about what police say happened, "It looks bad. Definitely embarrassed. They were raised better than that. I don't need people judging me over what they did it's their decision."

Steven says he has no idea where his brother is, "If he comes back here, he is going to have to turn himself in. We can't have the cops coming here. I have a little sister and me and my Dad both work. We're not trying to get in trouble for having someone else who is wanted here."

Anyone with information regarding these incidents is asked to contact the Richmond Police Department at 859-623-1162.

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Richmond Police are hoping to get help identifying a couple seen stealing from a local Walmart store.

"They just put it in the car and left," Assistant Chief Bob Mott explained, while looking at the surveillance picture.

Richmond police says this couple has stolen thousands of dollars in goods from Walmart, grabbing everything from children supplies and food to electronics.

"Pretty much anything you can imagine."

Officers say the couple loaded up carts in July and came back August tenth with two small children.

"Any time you involve children with anything criminal, it's not good."

Walmart managers tell police they believe each cart filled during the August incident had about 15-hundred dollars worth of merchandise crammed inside.

Now, officers say they need your help finding them.

"We do believe they are probably in the area because they've kept coming back. We really have no idea who they are, that's why we're putting this out."

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