Couple shares big blue Valentine's love story

A Lexington couple has celebrated nearly 60 Valentine's Days together, the last 56 as husband and wife.

For the couple, red doesn't represent the color of love instead it's blue.

WKYT's Amber Philpott goes back in time for a big blue love story.

When Lou and Ree Karibou walk the campus of the University of Kentucky, they are transported back in time to their college days!

"It was an interesting period, and looking back on it fun if you survived," said Lou Karibou.

It was the 1950's, Lou was recruited to play football by the famed Bear Bryant, Ree a cheerleader on the sidelines.

"I never saw the campus until I was recruited. I had never been here,walked in the place, they offered me a scholarship, I said yes sir. He was such a presence it is hard for me to imagine you could refuse it," said Lou Karibou.

As for how these two became an item, well their stories differ a bit, there is one thing they do agree on.

"Believe it or not we love to dance. That's one thing we really enjoy doing, and they had a lot of really big bands back in the 50's here at Lexington," said Ree Karibou.

Lou spent countless hours practicing on the gridiron, but jokingly says Ree didn't have a lot to cheer about.

"I didn't get to play that much, I guess she only had two or three chances to cheer especially, she was good at what she did," said Lou.

The Karibou's claim the secret to their marriage was born in those early days of being husband and wife.

"Somebody asked me what did you do on the second day of your marriage? We went to the Cincinnati ball game watched Gus Bell play, drank a beer and hotdogs, that's kept us together 57 years. We both love sports," said Ree.

Fitting for two people who's love was forged at a school known for its sports love affair.

The Karibou's have lived in Lexington for over thirty years.

At 78 and 81, these two big blue love birds are going strong thanks to a college romance all those years ago.

Talk about a family divided, Lou and Ree are Louisville natives and big blue fans who remain the only people in their families to not graduate from the University of Louisville.

After college they moved to Pope Air Force Base.

Both Lou and Ree are retired from state government.

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