Court documents reveal new information on Danville triple murder

WKYT has obtained court documents that contain new information in the case against a man accused of killing three people inside a Danville thrift store.

Police have released pages of court documents including details of a conversation that Kenneth Allen Keith allegedly had with a person in Michigan, right after the murders.

Court papers show that numerous search warrants have been filed in the case and that police have searched the Hockensmith home in Stanford, numerous vehicles and cell phones owned by Keith.

The papers also detail what the Hockensmith's child, who was inside the store when his parents were killed, told 911 dispatchers. It states the child said he saw a man come in and ask for money and that his parents were lying dead on the floor.

Documents filed Monday in court detail a conversation the Danville police had with a person from Michigan who has asked to remain anonymous. The caller told police that Keith, without being asked, said where he was on September 20th, the day of the shootings.

The documents also state that Keith offered the caller a scenario of what happened at ABC Gold Games and More and that Keith told the caller it was a 'hit' on the gold broker Daniel Smith, who was known to have as much as $40,000 on him.

According to the documents the caller then asked if the Hockensmith's were just innocent bystanders and that Keith then 'flipped a switch' and said that the Hockensmith's were not innocent and that they had cost him a lot of money because of problems with workers compensation and a failed business venture.

The caller went on to say that Keith told him he could not offer the family condolences because the agreement in the workers comp settlement was that he was to have no contact with the Hockensmith family.

Relatives of the Hockensmith's have told WKYT that Keith did attend the funeral visitation.

Keith remains in Boyle County Jail under no bond. He is set to be arraigned on three counts of Murder and Robbery charges on Wednesday in Boyle District Court.

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