Cousins says he's still dealing with false image

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Former Wildcat Demarcus Cousins threw out the first pitch at Whitaker Bank Ball Park Thursday night, and afterwards said he'll continue to deal with what he calls a "false image."

Cousins just completed his second season in the NBA and hes proven he's one of the top centers in the league. But his perceived bad attitude keeps following him. "I mean it's tough to deal with, walking around with this false image. I mean it's just something I got to go through. I feel like things will get better one day, I mean i feel like I'm in a learning stage right now and I'm going to soak it all in and try to learn from it."

Cousins was suspended three times last season after appearing to make progress his rookie year. In Kentucky hes always been popular, but he told Bleacher Report last month he can't walk around Sacramento and not be heckled.

Cousins says he continues to talk to UK coach John Calipari. "His main thing is he just wants me to go out there and have fun like I use to. And that's the biggest thing that he sees in my game, that I'm not having fun anymore."

Cousins threw the ball over the plate prior to the Legend's game with West Virginia, eventhough he said it had been awhile since he picked up a baseball. "Probably the last time I was here."

The Legends went on to beat West Virginia 2-1 to open the homestand.

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