Coworkers remember Campton woman killed in wreck

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CAMPTON, Ky. (WKYT) - There's a black wreath hanging from the front door of the Wolfe County Board of Education. That color matches the moods of most of the people inside, mourning a beloved educator at the elementary school, Juanita Bailey.

Juanita Bailey had worked as a librarian for sixteen years at Rogers Elementary in Wolfe County.

"Lightens everybody's day, brightens their day, and just always looking out for everybody else. She was just wonderful with our children," said Superintendent Kenny Bell.

Today, the whole district is trying to cope with her death.

"It really left everybody with a heavy heart. We're all in shock. Juanita is just such a terrific lady and such a terrific person to work with our children. It's just such a devastating loss for Rogers Elementary, our school district, and our community," said Bell.

Bailey was killed Thursday after her car ran out of gas. Police said she pulled over as far as she could, but because there was no shoulder, her car was partially in the roadway. When another car drove through, police said the driver didn't see her and slammed right into the car. Bailey was killed. Bell said Bailey will always be remembered for her kindness and for a special tradition.

"The kids always wanted to get out of school and they always got Miss Bailey to do her snow dance. I think several generations of kids remember her doing her snow dance," said Bell.

The superintendent said students and teachers plan to do a balloon release on Monday at Rogers Elementary.

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