Coyotes spotted in Lexington neighborhood

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People who live in the Tuscany neighborhood say they've seen a coyote roaming around. "I was standing in the window and I noticed a coyote coming across my yard," explains resident, Bob Lankford. "This isn't the first time I've seen a coyote out here either."

Lankford, who has lived in the neighborhood for more than three years, says he has noticed a huge increase in their presence.
"One day, I watched as a coyote went through the neighborhood, walking in between houses. As soon as it went into the back yard of one house, a little boy came out and got on his tricycle. This is my concern, that one day that coyote will come face to face with one of these innocent kids."

Officials with Kentucky Fish and Wildlife say that coyotes are usually scared of humans but are able to adapt to any society if needed.
"Coyotes in general need two things to survive," explains Steven Dobey, "that's habitat and food, and if one of those items are removed the coyotes will find it somewhere else."

Lexington Animal Control says that they plan to put two traps in the neighborhood on Thursday.