Storms knock down trees, damage homes in Lincoln Co.

CRAB ORCHARD, Ky. (WKYT) - The Crab Orchard community of Lincoln County is one of the many places dealing with damage from Tuesday's storms.

"Guy who lives on the corner over here, a tree went through his roof and onto his bed so they've been cleaning up this morning," says Janice Rowe. She lives on Cedar Lane. She says the storms left a trail of damage behind.

"You couldn't see in front of you," Rowe said. "It just came like snapping your fingers and then it was gone, but it came so hard that it blew water into our door."

The winds damaged homes and knocked down trees, leaving hours of cleanup behind.

"It was terrifying," Rowe said. "I thought the winds were about maybe 75 mph. A tree came down across the street and I saw the lightning hit it and then the lightning came down and hit a large tree here."

Neighbors say they're just thankful the storm wasn't any worse.

"I know there's other places worse than ours," says Rowe.

There were also power outages in Lincoln County, but Kentucky Utilities says they've all been restored.

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