Police cracking down on drowsy drivers in central Ky.

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MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - We've all heard about the dangers of drunk driving and distracted driving. But Monday night state police have an alert about fatigued driving.

They say tired drivers who fall asleep behind the wheel have become a big problem on Kentucky roads.

State police tell us fatigued drivers can be just as dangerous as impaired drivers. That's why they're spending the night cracking down on those drowsy drivers to make the interstate safer.

A fatigued driver can look a lot like a driver under the influence.

"Something is going on whether they're eating a hamburger or falling asleep or they're under the influence," said Officer Jed Hudson with the Kentucky state police commercial vehicle enforcement division.

After all, police are looking for the same signs in fatigued and impaired drivers.

"I'm looking for weaving. Honestly anything that would indicate any type of fatigue," said Officer Hudson.

Monday night WKYT rode along with an officer and came across a semi that swerved a bit on the interstate.

It ends up the truck driver from Missouri wasn't tired. But police tell us you never know, and it's worth pulling them over and asking to see their log book.

"Sometimes their log books may not match up. And they may have actually been driving over their allotted amount of time," said Officer Chad Mayes, who is also with Kentucky state police commercial vehicle enforcement division.

Too many hours on the road or obvious signs that you're sleepy can get you out of service and off the road for eight to ten hours.

Even one truck driver told us that actual sleep is the only medicine for fatigue.

"Get out, walk around, and take a break. Call your company and ask them if you can change your delivery time," said Tom Dalem, a truck driver from Missouri.

Five officers are involved in the crackdown on fatigued drivers which will last until six a.m. on I-75.

State police tell us their grant is usually for aggressive drivers. This is the first year their focus is fatigued drivers.

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