Crash leads State Police to stolen equipment

BOURBON COUNTY, KY. (WKYT) It's a theft investigation police say could have taken weeks, but was made easier when their main suspect fell asleep at the wheel on his way home.

State police were called last Sunday around 3:45 a.m. to a crash on US 62 near the Bourbon ans Harrison County lines.

When they arrived they found a pickup that had crossed the oncoming lane and hit a guardrail. The driver, 36-year-old Henry sparks, wasn't hurt, but troopers found equipment scattered across the road.

"He's noticing the items in the roadway and the bed of the truck and he's speaking with the driver, mister Sparks, about there these items came from," said Trooper David Jones with Kentucky State Police.

When police asked Sparks where the equipment came from they say he told them a friend's yard.

"They made contact with said friend, he advised no, they did not come from there," Jones said.

Police say the equipment, aluminum rollers used in electrical work, belonged to the Davis H. Elliot company and had been stolen from their trucks parked in Georgetown.

Police went to Henry Sparks' home in Cynthiana where they say his wife let them search the property and they found more stolen equipment in a shed behind the home, including chainsaws and a post-hole digger. They believe Sparks fell asleep while making a second trip from Georgetown to his home.

The value of the items is more than $46,000.

"Our belief was he was going to sell them for scrap metal, even though they were brand new, most of them still had the paint on them," Jones said.

Sparks is charged with two counts of receiving stolen property, over $10,000. The first of those charges is from the items found at the crash in Bourbon County. The second charge is because of the items found at his home in Harrison County.
Georgetown Police are also investigating the thefts. The items have been returned to the Davis H. Elliot company.

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