Violent crash ties up busy Lexington road

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Rockcastle County EMT Devon Mason and his crew were already transporting a patient, when they drove up on the aftermath of the wreck, just minutes after it happened.

"As EMT's we have a duty to act, and we have to, if something like that happens, we have to stop until aid arrives," Mason said.

"They helped by giving us some information before we arrived to let us know that we had a critical patient. It kind of helps get a picture of the scene before we get here, and we appreciate their help," said Lexington Fire Captain Matt Galati.

Emergency responders say the woman driving the white car, who's in her early twenties, suffered life-threatening injuries.

"I do believe that everyone should take this as a moment of caution to realize the cold temperature, and wet conditions, it was raining at the time, could have contributed to this accident. Everyone needs to be extra careful on the road today so that we don't have anybody else get injured," said Galati.

"Because of the width of the road, makes, there could be a lot of vehicles coming from either direction. People need to take extra caution when they're pulling out of here. It is a dangerous location," Galati continued.

We have learned the driver of the SUV was treated and released from the hospital.

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