Crash victim's mother reacts to plea deal: 'He should get life'

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A plea deal has been reached with a man accused of causing a crash that killed a five-year-old Lexington boy. Police say Alfonso Diaz-Diaz was driving drunk last year when his car slammed into another car in Woodford County. A child in the other car, Blake Cohorn, died.

"I've got plenty of good memories, but that was the worst one," said Wendi Cohorn, Blake's mother.

It has been a long year for the Cohorns, and we've been alongside the family every step of the way.

"There's nights I wake up having panic attacks because I dream about him," said Cohorn.

And now the man accused of murdering her son is pleading guilty.

"25 years does not bring back my son's life," said Cohorn. "In 25 years he's still going to be able to go back to Mexico and see his family. I'll never see my son again until the day I go to heaven."

Wendi Cohorn says it's something she may never be able to wrap her mind around and seeing Alfonso Diaz-Diaz in court through it all only makes it that much more difficult.

"The last time I was in court in front of him, he stood in my face and he smiled," said Cohorn.

But Cohorn says she knows it could have gone differently with a trial.

"Instead of it being dropped down to manslaughter, it will be murder he is convicted for," said Cohorn. "Some people look at you and say I know what you're going through, but I look at them and say that if you haven't lost a child, you have no idea the pain that I feel every day. To me, it should be he gets life."

As part of the plea deal, Diaz-Diaz will not be up for parole until he's behind bars for 20 years. He's set to accept the plea deal on June 4 with his sentencing on July 2.

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