Crashes around Lexington as winter weather hit

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - We're tracking road conditions throughout the area during this brutal winter storm. Not long after it arrived is when roads in Lexington became very slick, including two crashes on the interstate.

Before the snow even showed up, I75 became an icy mess because of sleet. Wrecks back to back in a four-mile stretch created a traffic nightmare for drivers in Lexington.

One of the first wrecks happened just past exit 111 in an I75 northbound lane. It was along the bridge where a pickup with a trailer carrying a flight simulator wound up in the median.

"He ended up sliding, over-corrected a couple times, and ended up hitting the guardrail before he finally ended up off the roadway," said Sgt. Larry Kinnard, with the Lexington Division of Police.

And another crash near exit 108 just minutes later was the same case scenario, according to Lexington Police. A pickup with a trailer jackknifed, narrowly missing other vehicles on the icy roadway. Police say on the scenes of these wrecks they've watched several people struggle and slide on by.

"It's not ideal to be standing out here on this bridge as people come across it," said Sgt. Kinnard. "We try to give ourselves plenty of distance in order to keep everybody safe."

Going too fast then losing control is what police say is causing these accidents.

"People just need to slow down and take it easy," said Sgt. Kinnard. "It is getting icy and this is probably just the beginning of it for the night."

Lexington Police say from 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. they worked 22 accidents, three of those being injury crashes. They tell us trouble spots include overpasses and country back roads.

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