"Create-A-Jersey" winner named in Legends' contest

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A Lexington boy was recently selected as the winner of a contest for the Lexington Legends.

His jersey design was selected and now the Legends' players will wear it during an upcoming game.

The Lexington Legends teamed up with Moe's Southwest Grill and Zaxbys for a "Create-a-Jersey" contest.

Ryder McConathy was out for dinner with his mother when he saw the contest.

"I saw that they had a jersey contest so I just wanted to do it for fun cause I knew I wasn't going to win," McConathy said.

As time passed they had even forgotten about entering the contest.

"Then my mom was like, you know that jersey contest you entered? And I said yeah and she said well you just won first place and I couldn't breathe," McConathy said.

He didn't want to show us his reaction on camera, but he assured us that it was epic!

"If i'm going to be on the news I'm not going to show it!"

As the winner of the contest they will roll out the red carpet for him when greenville comes to town. He will throw out the first pitch and that's when the legends will be wearing his jersey. but that's not the only prize, "I get free food for a year from Zaxbys and Moe's."

He will also get his very own personalized jersey.

When the Greenville Drive roll into town, he will throw out the opening pitch

The legends will play host to Greenville on Saturday August 9th and that's when fans will get to see Ryder's design

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