Crews battling large wildfire in Jackson County

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The U.S. Forest Service is on the scene of a large forest fire in Jackson County. It's in the Daniel Boone National Forest on Highway 89, about five miles north of McKee.

Crews first got the call about the forest fire on Sunday afternoon. It burned about 50 acres on Sunday. On Monday, that fire had spread to about 125 acres.

Forestry officials tell WKYT that the fire is in a somewhat remote location, and that no homes or private property are threatened.

"It's all hard work really. We're not using any mechanized equipment, no bulldozers," says Jason Nedlo, District Ranger for the Daniel Boone National Forest Service.

The fire continues to burn.

"We could have taken on more risk and tried to keep it smaller. This is all national forest. There were no structures threatened. Nothing really was threatened. So from a safety stand point, we were able to step back and sacrifice a few acres to the fire, but safely fight it," says Nedlo.

Fire officials couldn't take our crew closer to the fire because of the hazards crews are facing.

"This is actually an area that is a timber sale area. So there's a lot of old trees , basically. Several of those trees are dead. The fire probably killed a couple more," Nedlo adds.

A WKYT crew witnessed some trees snapping in half before crumbling to the ground.

"There's a lot of them out there . With no leaves on the trees, a tree can look like its in pretty good shape, but the middle can be hollow. So it isn't take much fire around it to weaken it to fall, " says Nedlo.

No injuries have been reported.

The cause of this wildfire is unknown at this time. Crews say that lightning could have sparked it if there were storms in the area.

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