Knott County family devastated by mudslide

Update on 1/31/13 by Tanner Hesterberg

DEMA, Ky. (WYMT) - Wednesday's severe weather caused damage in several parts of eastern Kentucky, including Knott County, where a mudslide is making life miserable for one family.

A rush of mud from a nearby hill raked the yard of Vernon Fouts and his family. The mud pummelled cars in the driveway, a shed and several lawn mowers.

"It's hard to comprehend because it's my home," Fouts said. "I had a lot of work I had planned on doing. Still may get to, I don't know."

The Fouts family heard a loud noise that sounded like a car crash around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday. When they looked outside, they saw the devastation.

"All the dirt and trees and roots and everything were coming off the hill and filled the cupboard up," Fouts said. "It went to the back of my house and all beyond."

This is the third time in the last several years a mud slide has happened in the same location, but Fouts said this one is by far the worst.

And his family - which includes three granddaughters who live next door - are discouraged by what they see.

"They're depressed," Fouts said. "I mean, look what a mess. It's taken a toll on each and every one of us."

Massive cleanup efforts are on the horizon. Fouts said it is too early to place a cost estimate on the damages.

"Could I say I'm too old to start over again? It's hard to see your home in such a mess," Fouts said. "But with the Lord's help we'll go on."

Original story:

DEMA, Ky (WYMT) - Crews are dealing with a massive mudslide in Knott County.

Magistrate Calvin Waddles tells Mountain News it happened Wednesday night near the Knott County Rescue Squad.

That's on Highway 7 in the DEMA community.

We are told there are some homes damaged, but no one was injured.

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