Crews cleaning up oil leak in Lincoln County

LINCOLN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) -- We're tracking the investigation into an oil leak that caused a big mess in Lincoln County.

Emergency Management officials say a cap somehow came loose from a storage truck, causing between seven hundred and one thousand gallons of oil to leak out Wednesday afternoon.

The oil flowed across nearby Highway 698, and into the Green River.

Investigators say the oil made it three quarters of a mile down the river, before they were able to block it..

Now, they're trying to figure out what caused the cap on the truck to come loose.

"At this point, we don't know if the cap was an accident, or if it was vandalism, but the cap was taken off the port that you unload the oil, and the valve was opened, and therefore everything on the truck came off," said Don Gilliam, Lincoln County Emergency Management Director.

Emergency officials say the oil leak is not affecting drinking water or well water in the area.

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