Crews continue search for missing couple

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - The Johnson County sheriff said he has never seen anything like it. Dozens of volunteers came to aid in the search for a missing couple and they said they relied on more than just the help of man's best friend.

Deputies said Sandra and Larry Blanton left without a trace.

“They are using nothing, it is like they vanished,” said Johnson County Sheriff Dwayne Price.

They said the two were last seen at their home in Oil Springs during the first week of September. Price said with little to go on, they relied on the help of dozens of volunteers.

“I have been in law enforcement right at 30 years and this is probably the biggest search that I have been a part of,” said Price.

They said they also depended on the help of canines and equines in the third search.

“It gives us an opportunity to use the horses on this terrain and get to areas that are hard to access,” said Gary McClure, Director of the Paintsville/Johnson County Emergency Management.

“They themselves help us to see things, they will alert to things and pay attention to sounds and stuff like that,” said Kristie Wehmeyer of Kentucky Mounted Rescue.

KMR is a volunteer organization of troopers who train to aid in community service events and even rescues.

“We have an extra set of eyes and ears and scents for us to follow,” said Wehmeyer.

Price said if nothing turns up, they plan to execute another search within the next couple of weeks.

“We are hoping that we will find something that will answer this mystery,” said Price.

Law enforcement and volunteers said they will not give up.

Their son, Willie Blanton has been named a person of interest by deputies. He is being held in the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center after he supposedly called a pharmacy pretending to be his father, so he could get a prescription filled. His girlfriend Amanda Fannin who has also been named a person of interest is also behind bars on drug related charges.

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