Lexington road crews working through the night to prepare for snow

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Salt truck drivers and other road crews won't be getting much rest this weekend.

They've been clearing snow and ice off roads since last night, and now they're getting ready for another wintry blast.

Salt trucks and plows were on Lexington and county roads all night.

"We've been in full snow removable since last night," said Kevin Dennis, who is a public service supervisor with Lexington Streets and Roads.

But now Lexington road crews are on standby just waiting for Mother Nature to strike again.

"They work 12 hours and get 12 hours off and come back and start again," said Dennis.

With a full 24 hours of snow patrol on the roads already, not being fatigued is the challenge rather than the chance of more snow.

Road crews are also keeping a close eye on the temperature since it dropped into single digits overnight.

"Like it was nine degrees last night," said Dennis. "When it gets that cold, salt doesn't do a lot of good. We put calcium chloride with it, but when it's that cold, it's hard to get it to do much good."

2,000 tons of salt cover the roadways now.

"We have to salt and then we'll come back and check them and keep working on them until they're cleared curb to curb," said Dennis.

And Lexington Streets and Roads crews expect to use that much salt and possibly more this weekend with two to four inches expected between Saturday and Sunday.

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