Coroner releases name of man killed in early morning accident in Lexington

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - One man is dead after driving through a fence near Briar Hill Road early Saturday morning.

"It's horrific. It's an awful experience to have people losing their life and going through your fence," said property owner Zachary Kinneman.

The Fayette County coroner says 22-year-old Jose Soriano Ramirez appears to have lost control of his vehicle and left the roadway, hitting a tree and a plank fence before his car came to rest in a field.

The coroner says they are awaiting toxicology results to determine if alcohol will play a role in the accident, but that containers were found within the vehicle.

Fred Collinsworth lives across the street and he says he's seen the road's twists and turns send many drivers off the road.

"Ten, twelve, maybe more, there seems to be three or four every year,” he said.

Kinneman says in the 10 years he's lived on the road, people died in three of those accidents.

He says they've asked the city to make the road safer but haven't had any success yet.

"We've asked them several times to think about a guardrail or rumble strips to slow them down and it's been lost in the bureaucracy," said Kinneman.

He says they'll keep pushing for a safer road because if nothing changes, he fears they'll see tragedies, such as this one, played out again and again.

"A young man lost his life last night in our front field, something needs to be done. It's a dangerous spot," he said.

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