Crews search for car reportedly floating in creek

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Weather created a challenge for rescue crews searching a Central Kentucky creek.

They began combing Slate Creek in Montgomery County Monday morning after someone called police claiming they saw a car in the water.

"Initially we got a call that a passerby saw a Geo Metro just floating in Slate Creek," said Montgomery County Fire Captain Brent Jaynes.

Immediately, Captain Jaynes said, they responded to the area off Highway 713 about seven-miles outside of Mount Sterling.

"We came to the area,walked it, but wasn't able to locate the car," said the captain.

According to him, the description of the car was very specific, increasing the likelihood the caller wasn't just seeing things.

"When you get a call like that, you don't hesitate and we take these kind of calls very seriously," he explained.

Mutual aid was called in after the initial search turned up nothing. Including Rowan County's dive team, equipped with sonar equipment. But conditions continued to deteriorate and the decision was made to suspend the search until the rising water recedes.

"There is just so much debris in the water right now and its probably raised two-feet since we arrived," Captain Jaynes said.

Once the rains stop and the water calms, he says, they do plan to do another search of the creek.

Officials say at this point they don't have evidence a vehcile of any kind, drove off the road and into the creek.

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