Crews, stores ready for snow event in Pulaski Co.

SOMERSET, Ky. (WKYT) - Snow Preparations by the numbers in Pulaski County.

“36 men. 1,800 miles. 12 hour shifts until we are done,” said Mark White with the Pulaski Co. Road Dept.

There are many miles to cover and possibly long hours in trucks for road crews in the southern Kentucky county.

“All the trucks are ready. Boxes are on all the pickups. Plows are ready. 11 dump trucks with plows and boxes ready to go,” said White.

Officials can’t remember the last time they had to clear roads, but it wasn’t this season. Yet they always have to be ready.

“It’s kind of like a hurry up and wait game. You hurry up and get everything and wait for it to happen,” said White.

A lot of people were flocking to the stores Thursday, with two popular items on their grocery lists.

“More milk. More bread,” said Pauline Coleman, a manager at Somerset’s Hometown IGA store.

That store was expecting a big late afternoon….early evening rush.

“The day before. We call it a snow scare. Snow is a 4 letter word,” said Coleman.

More people were called into work and some shelves could be bare before it’s over, especially the bread and milk.

“It’s something everybody has to have. First thing I’m going to have a sandwich and a glass of milk,” Coleman said.

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