Crews survey roads ahead of snow potential

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Lexington-Fayette County road crews are preparing for a potential for snowfall.

City workers pretreated ramps and bridges Monday and will come in at midnight to wait and watch the weather.

Taking the temperature of the roads is the task of the day for construction supervisor, George Milligan.

He's one of many city workers surveying the state of the streets before Tuesday's possible snow.

Street crews are are out driving their routes to make sure the surface of the road is suitable for plowing.

They're pouring concrete in to fill holes as needed and looking for other obstacles in the roadways.

Lexington's Acting Director of Streets and Roads, Albert Miller, says they're also pre-treating the bridges and overpasses.

"Just kinda practicing," said Miller. "We do this the same time every year just to get our people into the routine of knowing what their salt equipment is and how to use it."

At the salt barn, they have more than 5,500 tons of salt ready to go at a moment's notice.

Miller says the city uses, on average, 10,000 tons of salt over the course of the year for 1,400 miles of road.

Because of the last two years' mild winter, he says, the city has a surplus of salt going into the season.

Miller says they have 46 trucks ready to be use in the event of, as little as, an inch of snow.

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