Crews trying to rescue stranded dog in Garrard County

GARRARD COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A search for a dog that fell into a cave is expected to continue Wednesday afternoon.

The dog, named Rat, fell in, while out hunting with his owner in Garrard County. Nearly a dozen people from multiple agencies spent at least eight hours, to no avail Tuesday, trying to get to the dog, a Walker Tree Hound that disappeared underground early Monday morning when its owner was out hunting with it.

It happened in a rural section of Garrard County off of Harmons' Lick Road. Rat does have a tracking device on it that can be picked up with GPS, but it may be too far under ground to find it.

We're told the dog does have access to water, but the area where it is is very cold.

Despite their lack of success yesterday, people on scene say they don't want to give up until Rat is found. Crews from Anderson and Jessamine Large Animal Rescue, as well as Garrard Search & Rescue assisted.

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