Crews working to keep roads safe in Laurel County

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Drivers in southern Kentucky could run into some slick spots from black ice and snow Tuesday evening.

A very cold and drizzly rain has been falling much of the morning, but the Laurel County Road Department is spending the day out of those elements inside the garage getting ready for a blast of frozen precipitation that could start falling Tuesday afternoon, into Tuesday night.

The road department director says his crews will likely go home early Tuesday afternoon, but return later in the night to begin salting and plowing some 12-hundred miles of county roads. Tuesday morning, it was all about getting the trucks ready, checking the oil, tightening bolts and making sure the trucks are road worthy.

Crews will work 16 to 18 hour shifts until all the roads are clear, they will also work on Thanksgiving Day, and any other holiday if needed.

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